Civil Vs. Criminal: 3 Key Differences

2 December 2015
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When it comes to navigating out country's legal system, it can be difficult for some people to determine what separates a civil case from a criminal case. In order to ensure that you are prepared to battle whatever legal troubles you might be faced with in the future, here are three key differences to keep in mind when it comes to civil and criminal court cases. 1. Representation One of the major differences between a civil case and a criminal case is the right of each party to representation. Read More 

Driving Without Glasses: Can It Land You A Ticket? A Fine? In Jail?

16 October 2015
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Do you have a restriction on your license for vision problems? If so, forgetting your glasses at home can cost you a significant amount of money and possibly even time behind bars. Well, that is if you get behind the wheel and attempt to drive. Read on to learn more about citations and driving without your prescription eyeglasses. Yes, You Can Get a Ticket, Be Fined, and Be Jailed. It is possible to receive a citation for driving a vehicle without your prescription glasses. Read More 

Sexual Harassment In Schools

15 October 2015
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Sexual harassment has become an issue that receives a lot of press coverage in the news. Stories of employers and employees who cross the line are becoming more and more common. What is not as well publicized is sexual harassment experienced by children within the walls of their schools.  This affects children at all levels of education but is often hard to define or prove in the K–12 grades. Harassment takes many forms. Read More 

Your Plea Options After You Are Charged With A Crime

21 September 2015
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Getting arrested for an alleged crime can not only be scary, but it can also be costly, overwhelming, and confusing. When you are arrested, you will be placed in jail and will have to remain there until your bail is paid. After that, you will have to go to court for an initial hearing, and one of the things you might be asked at this hearing is how you will plea. Read More 

Things to Tell Your DUI Attorney

17 September 2015
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While your DUI attorney will do his or her best to mitigate the damage of your DUI arrest, there are a few key pieces of information that he or she needs to do the job well. Here are a few details to give your DUI attorney upfront. Previous Arrests Previous misdemeanors or criminal activity can create an unfavorable impression on your judge, so it's important that your lawyer tackle these other arrests and show that they're unrelated to your current charge. Read More