Things to Tell Your DUI Attorney

17 September 2015
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While your DUI attorney will do his or her best to mitigate the damage of your DUI arrest, there are a few key pieces of information that he or she needs to do the job well. Here are a few details to give your DUI attorney upfront.

Previous Arrests

Previous misdemeanors or criminal activity can create an unfavorable impression on your judge, so it's important that your lawyer tackle these other arrests and show that they're unrelated to your current charge. For instance, if you've been doing really well for several years and taking remedial steps since your previous arrests, then these old convictions may not become as big of an issue during your trial.

Professional Licenses

In preparing for a DUI trial, many people forget to tell their lawyers about their professional licenses. Some professional license associations will look unfavorably on a DUI and may even consider revoking your license if you were in a professional situation at the time of your arrest. Your lawyer will need to provide some additional support to show that you were not in a professional setting while intoxicated.

Information about Dependents

In some cases, even if you do get a DUI charge, you can keep your driver's license for special circumstances. If you depend on your vehicle to get to work and support your family, then your lawyer might be able to get you a hardship lawyer if you can show that public transportation is not an option.

Your Immigration Status

If you are in the process of applying for citizenship or have a dubious legal presence in the country, it's important to tell this to your lawyer upfront. A DUI charge could be a serious barrier to you in the future if you want to legally reside in the country, so this is a situation in which it becomes even more important to win the DUI trial. Letting your lawyer in on this information could make them even more motivated to help you get out of the DUI charges, and it will put other options (such as accepting the charges and pleading for smaller penalties) squarely out of the question.

Building a strong case against your DUI charges is dependent on putting together the right evidence from the start. When you lead with these critical pieces of information, your DUI will be able to get to work immediately on collecting all of the evidence needed to protect you after your DUI arrest. Contact the Law Offices of Daniel Aaronson or another firm in your area for more advice.