4 Mistakes To Avoid When Approached By The Police

15 September 2015
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If you are approached by the police for questioning or a possible arrest you might wonder what you should do. Many people make mistakes that end up complicating their situation or making it worse. Here are some mistakes you should avoid if you are approached by the police.

1. Don't Invite Them Into Your House

If the police come to question you, don't invite them into your house. Ask them to stay on your doorstep for all the questions. They may even ask, "may we come inside?" you should always say no. The police can't arrest you without probable cause. When you invite them into your home you are pretty much giving them permission to do a search. They need probable cause before they can search your house. If they see anything that is suspicious, they can use it against you.

Instead, you should ask "am I under arrest?" If they say no, then you don't have to answer any of their questions and you don't have to allow them onto your property.

2. Don't Give Them Permission To Search Your House

The police cannot search your house or your person without a search warrant. This has to be granted by a judge. The only exception to this is if you give them permission. Even if you are innocent there is no reason that the police should search your home. They might find something that they think is reasonable cause for an arrest and arrest you right there. Instead, always avoid a search by asking if they have a search warrant and never giving permission to search your property.

3. Don't Resist Arrest

If the police decide to arrest you, don't resist. If you become a hostile witness they can make life much harder for you. They can call you a hostile witness simply by you physically avoiding arrest, running, or yelling at them. When they arrest you, ask what you are being arrested for and then go with them respectfully, even if you believe the arrest is not warranted.

4. Ask For A Lawyer Right Away

Some people make the mistake of waiting until they have actually been formally charged to ask for an attorney. You should always request a lawyer the moment you are arrested. The police will try to question you to get more information to see if they can charge you. By asking for an attorney you protect yourself so that they can't ask you any questions until you have a lawyer present. However, even if your lawyer isn't present, know that you don't have to answer any questions, you have the right to remain silent under your Miranda Rights.

By avoiding these mistakes you can protect yourself. 

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