What Are The Top Strategies To Reduce Your Speeding Ticket?

4 October 2021
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Even the most careful of drivers can get speeding tickets every now and then. That's why it's important to understand what you can do if you get a speeding ticket. There are several options you can consider, but it's usually a good idea to double-check with a traffic lawyer because the penalties and options can vary based on where you were and what happened, exactly. Go to Traffic School Traffic school is a popular option for people who get speeding tickets. Read More 

Protecting Yourself Against Criminal Charges

14 June 2021
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Finding yourself facing a serious criminal charge can be a frightening situation for anyone to experience. In these situations, a person will need to be informed about the process of defending themselves as well as the potential consequences that a guilty verdict could mean. There Are Strict Requirements To Have An Attorney Appointed By The Court The fact that a person has the right to an attorney often leads to individuals thinking that this means it will be easy to have the courts appoint someone to represent them in these matters. Read More 

An Enhanced Situation: DUI Offenses And Accidents

8 February 2021
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Being involved in a wreck and getting charged with driving under the influence (DUI) are both serious issues. If the two have come together, you might have the perfect storm of legal matters. Being charged with DUI in connection to an auto accident can elevate your charges to an enhanced level and cause you to suffer more punishment than a normal DUI.  DUI Charges and Accidents The blood alcohol concentration in all states is set at . Read More