How To Handle Sexual Assault Allegations

19 February 2020
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Allegations of sexual assault can be difficult to address. If you've been accused of committing an offense, it's a good idea to think about the situation like a sexual assault lawyer might. Here are four tips for dealing with what's going on.

Minimize Contact With the Accuser

Avoiding contact is the best course of action, but that can be tricky in situations where you come into regular contact with the accuser at places such as work or school. Refrain from having conversations with them, if at all possible. If they text you, do not engage with it.

Keep a written log of any attempts at contacting you they might make. If you have to talk with them and they bring the accusations up, drop the matter and move on. If they press the issue, inform them that you've retained a sexual assault attorney and they can refer any questions to counsel.

Back Up All Your Communications

Texts, private messages, phone call times, and other communications need to be preserved. Use a cloud-based backup system to preserve communications.

Even if you feel that certain communications seem incriminating, do not delete them. Destroying potential evidence is a good way to end up being charged with a process crime like obstruction of justice. It's better to have to explain difficult items than it is to guarantee additional charges.

Get the Story Down in Writing

Preserving the freshest memory you have of the time the incident allegedly happened is important. Break out a notepad and a pen to write down a timeline of what occurred. If you were at the bar with a group of friends, for example, make notes about who you recall being there. Similarly, note your best approximation of when you arrived and left the location.

A sexual assault lawyer can then work from your notes to track down witnesses who may be able to support your case. For example, a bartender might remember when you ordered drinks and who you were with.

Don't embellish. Stick to the facts. If there was a gap in your memory, that's completely understandable. Few people recall every detail, especially if they thought the time in question wasn't noteworthy in any way.

Refrain From Adding to the Problem

If you haven't been charged with anything or contacted by the police, don't try to dig into the accusation. If someone is just making allegations and not filing charges, leave it be. If an investigation occurs, hire a sexual assault attorney and listen to their advice.